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Roof windows and loft ladders – OptiLight, OptiLook, OptiStep

The incredible quality of Optilight, Optilook, and Optistep products is possible thanks to the implementation of modern woodworking technology. Quality is assured at every stage of the production process and tested in a thorough process at independent laboratories. This, combined with the industrial design with metal cladding, allows our Optilight, Optilook, and Optistep products to effortlessly combine quality and looks. We are one of the leading Optilight, Optilook, and Optistep resellers on the market – take a look at what these products have to offer!

Room with OptiLight roof window

Advantages of our windows

Quality Wood

The wooden elements within our windows are crafted using only the highest quality pinewood, bonded in layers, impregnated, and coated in an eco-friendly  acrylic finish. Thanks to this, the wood is protected from the weather and UV rays.

wooden elements

Thermally insulated Glazing Unit

The windows all have a large glazing area that allows more light to enter the room. With double glazing, a single-chambered structure, as well as good acoustic properties, these windows come with a pane U coefficient of 1.1. [W/m2K]. The space between panels is filled with inert gas. The internal pane is coated with a heat-reflecting, low-emission layer, while the external glass is toughened, which helps reduce heat loss in winter and overheating in summer.

thermaly isulation
low-emission layer


Our windows come with centre-pivot mechanisms, with hinges installed in the middle of the window, which allows the sash to be opened and rotated up to 180 degrees. Thanks to the handle design, the sash can be tightly closed, or adjusted to two positions of micro ventilation. The handle at the bottom of the sash makes it easier and more comfortable to handle regardless of the window’s placement.

center pivot roof windows
handle at bootom of window

Broad range of applications

Thanks to their unique structure, Optilight and Optilook windows and flashings can be installed on roofs at any pitch between 15 to 90 degrees.

windows for pitch between 15 to 90 degrees

Optilight roof windows are ideal for installing within the roof slope thanks to their integrated flashing solution. This meticulously designed flashing allows for tight and durable installation of the installation on any roofing material. Protect your interiors from water and snow all year round with Optilight solutions.

Optilight roof window

If you’re looking for a reliable roof access window solution, you’ve come to the right place. Optilook WGI roof access windows are the best choice for uninhabited rooms. They enable easy roof access and a solid level of illumination for the room. They come with a glazing unit and a toughened external pane.

Flashings are an integral addition to any roof window, necessary to properly implement it into the roof slope. Optilight flashings contain precisely designed systemic elements that make the whole structure tight and durable, effortlessly blending the window with the roofing.

Slate flashing for optilight windows
Optistep loft ladder

Accessing your loft can be quite problematic without the right tools, so make sure you have a loft ladder that best meets your standard. The Optistep loft ladder is one of the best choices you could make when it comes to loft ladders.

Where to buy?

Sunlux Limited

Unit 9C Europa Trading Estate

Fraser Road, Erith DA8 1QL

e-mail: [email protected]

tel.: 0208 310 0400

Where to buy?


Unit 9C Europa Trading Estate

Fraser Road, Erith DA8 1QL

e-mail: [email protected]

tel.: 0208 310 0400

OptiLight, OptiLook, OptiStep